Eliana & Victor - Wedding in the Mountains of Mie-Ken, Japan

It was a September day in 2013 when two strangers from Brazil crossed paths far from home in a train station in Japan. It was nothing short of divine appointment that brought Eliana into Victor's life that day, and the rest of their story is an ongoing testament to God's grace and faithfulness.

At the time of their meeting that day in the train station, Eliana was at a low point in her life. She and Victor had only 40 minutes of conversation before her station stop, during which she opened up about some of the heartbreak she was struggling with. As they spoke, Victor's care and genuine concern made a deep impression on her, as did the warmth of his embrace when they parted. They exchanged numbers, but Victor was on his way home to Brazil only days later. The two of them had very little communication after that point, until a spring day in 2014, when Victor decided to text her again out of the blue. The texts turned into calls, and the conversation continued until the the two were quite certainly in love despite the distance between them. Victor purchased a round trip ticket to visit Japan to see Eliana again, and never used that return ticket. With the promise of marriage, Victor moved in with his parents in Japan to await Eliana's graduation while they planned their wedding day together for the next two years.

The 6th of May was the apex of much joyful anticipation. So many years of expectation and promise, and the day had finally arrived, bringing with it a sense of palpable exuberance. It was a gathering of about 30 people total, at a remote cabin in the mountains of Japan. We'd had the pleasure of spending 2 full days and a 13 hour road trip getting to know Victor and Eliana as they showed us around the beautiful country and shared their time and their hearts with us. We got to talk about everything from culture and travel, to our shared faith, to the hilarious idioms of our native languages. We quickly realized that we've found dear friends for life in these two wonderful people. When we arrived at the house in the mountains that morning, we were greeted with hugs and many exquisite gifts by both Victor and Eliana's families. Though most of us didn't share a language, the love and warmth was tangible. As the night went on and thick clouds settled on the mountains, candles were lit and the newlyweds shared their first dance under a canopy of glowing lights. After dessert, everyone gathered inside while Caleb tried his hand at the pump organ and I sang with him. We were soon joined by other instruments and voices, as worship broke out in the living room of the little cabin. It was one of those moments that makes you wish time would just stand still. Lives and hearts were permanently bound in fellowship and love that day, a day none of us will ever forget. Deepest love and happiest congratulations to the beautiful Eliana & Victor!

Venue: Air BnB, Hiroe Toyohara 

Bride's gown: Elody Wedding

Hair and Makeup Styling by Evelyn Saito